Payment & Turnaround:

1. A 50% non-refundable deposit will begin the design process (based off initial contract agreement with client). Within a 2 week period samples will be provided, within 2 more weeks from that point (one month for the initial contract agreement) a final must be decided upon, and final production (or additional revisions maybe required*) must be agreed upon. GMD reserves the right to cancel any and all projects due to time constraints beyond one month. GMD requires payment in full on all orders before any files can be transferred.

2. GMD accepts all major credit cards and cash. Sorry we do not accept personal checks (professional, pre-authorized business checking accounts will be verified prior to processing a business check). GMD does accept PayPal account payments at a 10% mark up.

3. GMD print deadline is 5pm daily. Jobs must be paid for and print ready graphics submitted by that time otherwise the job will be processed and put into production the following day.

4. GMD print deadline for rush orders is 2pm daily. This includes all same day or next day requests.

5. Once a job is submitted and a deposit is paid for the order can be canceled, however the deposit is not refundable. If you need to update your design files or stop production please call GMD immediately at 770.241.0428 and we will try to accommodate your need nothing is guaranteed and additional charges may apply.

6. Turnaround times are approximate and are not guaranteed. However if you pay for a rush and we do not meet your deadline we will refund the rush charges only. No, george | miko | designs, llc, GMD or GMP will NOT pay for any damages arising out of missed deadlines.

7. GMD does not print on weekends and/or most major holidays, so jobs submitted after 5pm on Friday will be processed on the next working day.

8. Rates:
GMD Design work ::: $120.00** per hour
GMD Photography work ::: $240.00** per hour
GMD Wedding and Event work ::: Custom Pricing available
Custom printing prices available within 24 hours, and is contingent on client needs and print availability.

Design Tips & File Submission for Print Jobs:

1. Create and save your files in 300 DPI CMYK format. Please keep in mind that all logos and images placed in your design should be 300 DPI as well.

2. You cannot convert low resolution files (72-150 DPI) to 300 DPI. Low resolution files will print blurry and text will be illegible.

3. Oversize your design canvas .125 inch bigger than the final trim unless otherwise specified. This will create a 1/8th inch "Bleed" for your design. Business cards and CD inserts require a .25 inch bleed.
Bleed = area beyond the final trim that allows room for proper cuts.

4. Allow a .25 inch border for all you text and logos.
Border = area inside the final trim that is a "safe area" so that text and logos don't get cut off.

5. The front and back of your artwork should be submitted in two separate files. Please do not submit your jobs as one file.

6. Do not include crop marks on your print work. We trim 1/16th - 1/8th inch off of all print work so the final trim size will not be exactly that of the artwork submitted. If you need specific cuts please notify us at the time you place your order.

7. GMD only accepts flattened/outlined JPEG, TIFF, or PDF files. Layered TIFFs and PDFs can lose elements when opened by computers other than the one used to design the files. We are not responsible for inaccuracies due to files submitted with layers.

8. You can convert RGB files to CMYK but this process tends to darken up the images. So if you do convert your files you may want to adjust the brightness before you save the files. Repeat offenders who submit all their files in RGB mode will be charged revision fees.

9. Offset printing also tends to print darker than what is displayed on the average monitor. GMD suggests that you calibrate your monitor and adjust the brightness of your files before you save them. Remember that we need to be notified at the time you place your order if your job is color critical. Additional charges will apply.

10. Solid blacks should be set at 50% cyan, 20% magenta, 20% yellow, and 100% black.

11. GMD does not proof client provided graphics. All graphics should be flattened thus no proof is necessary. All graphics should be proof read and approved before they are submitted. GMD is not responsible for design errors on client provided files.

12. Additional charges will apply if any unforeseen design or photography work arises, GMD will contact client if this is the case.

george | miko | designs, llc:

1. We must have an email approval on all GMD work or revisions before we can go to print.

2. GMD fees are based on the average time it takes to create that size design. You will be notified immediately if your design request exceeds the estimated design fee. Likewise if you design is very simple we will adjust your invoice accordingly, leaving the credit on your account or just refunding the money to the credit card used.

3. Please provide GMD with high quality 300 dpi images to work with. This include logos, pictures, artwork, scans, etc. They should be no smaller that 1/2 the size of the design canvas. For example: if we are designing an 11 by 17 poster and you submit a 300 dpi picture that is only 2 inches square it will distort the picture to resize it to fit the larger canvas.


* Additional design and photography time will require new contract agreements; thus any and all previous expectations will be suspended as a newly prepared contract is drafted. The deposit is not transferable and will be absorbed as loss if additional revisions are required and/or the design/photography timeline is extended.
**Special pricing available for referrals and repeat customers, email today for details and scheduling.

gmd@georgemikodesigns.com | 770.241.0428

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